eBook HTML Beginners: Basics of Web Design

This book has been written from a series of college lectures on Web Design. It is has many exercises and examples which can be downloaded from the web site. It starts with an introduction to HTML and then takes the reader through the concepts of styles and how to apply them.

There are also chapters on Graphics, JQuery, setting up a web site and looks at HTML 5 and responsive web design concepts.

The book explains issues that you encounter in real world situations and provides the basic examples from which you can then use to further develop. Many of the tutorials consists of a series of examples and tasks which illustrate each point and concentrate on simplified code so that you can see how they are used.

  • Introduction – An introduction to HTML.
  • HTML Tags – A look at standard HTML Tags.
  • Images and Tables – Using images and creating tables.
  • Styles and Stylesheets – Different ways to use styles.
  • Further Styles – Definitions and further examples.
  • Site Examples – A site layout.
  • Lists and Menus – Creating navigation.
  • Graphics – Graphic concepts and Photoshop.
  • Layouts – Some principles of design.
  • Adding functionality – JQuery and other features.
  • htaccess file – Examples of using an htaccess file.
  • Site set up – Domain names and search optimisation.
  • Forms – Formatting and layout of forms.
  • HTML 5 Design – Features of HTML 5.
  • Responsive Design – A responsive design example.

A sample of the book with the contents page is available on the amazon web site at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HFLAAJ2

HTML Beginners: Basics of Web Design

Code downloads

The HTML code for the latest version of the book can be obtained in one zip file from the link below:

Download Source Code

The book references the code by chapter and name so you should be able to easily find any particular script that you are looking for.