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How to sell serial license keys for digital goods using PHP-KeyCodes

If you sell digital products online such as software programs, games, phone PIN numbers and so on, then PHP-KeyCodes can be a useful application to install on your web site. It requires a web server running PHP and access to

New Version of PHPeseller

The latest version of PHP-eSeller now uses HTML 5 for audio previews instead of flash. This means that PHP-eSeller will work better on tablets and computers that do not support flash such as Apple iPads.,/phpeseller  

Using an audio HTML 5 preview clip with small buttons

If you are using <audio> tag to allow viewers to hear audio clips but you want just a simple small button rather than the default button, then this describes a method using jquery. One issue with the <audio> display is

Update to PHP-KeyCodes

PHP-KeyCodes admin area has been updated to improve its look at feel and give it a more modern appearance. There is little in the way of technical change and so there is no requirement to upgrade any versions.

Installing MySQL on Raspberry Pi

When installing MySQL onto a Raspberry Pi, you may receive an error which can be very difficult to identify. The installation may fail and the MySQL server will not start. This could be an issue to do with the SD

Adding a virtual directory (folder) to Apache XAMPP or similar application

Suppose that you have installed XAMPP at c:\xampp This will mean you place your web files at C:\xampp\htdocs Now you want to start developing your project, so what you could do is copy all your files to the C:\xampp\htdocs or

Upgrade PHP to latest version on Raspberry Pi 2

If you have a Raspberry Pi 2 you will be have PHP 5.4 installed. If you want to upgrade to PHP 5.6 or whatever is the latest version, you will have to download the source files, and compile the application.

Differences between PHP4 and PHP5

This listing of the differences between PHP4 and PHP 5 is is probably something that is quite common, but it is always worth a review. PHP5 is a lot different than PHP4 with the main differences being in how it

Regular Expressions Part 4 – Array Processing

PHP’s preg_split() function enables you to break a string apart basing on something more complicated than a literal sequence of characters. When it’s necessary to split a string with a dynamic expression rather than a fixed one, this function comes

Regular Expressions Part 3 – Replacing Patterns

Replacing Patterns In the examples in Part 2, we have searched for patterns in a string, leaving the search string untouched. The preg_replace() function looks for substrings that match a pattern and then replaces them with new text. preg_replace() takes