eBook jQuery e-Commerce Shopping Cart

This book illustrates the various technologies needed to create a complete shopping cart application using front-end web programming based on JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Each Chapter builds on the various concepts with all the source code available from my web site.

We can take the principles of AJAX that are available in jQuery to easily fetch data from the server without having to load the whole web page, which creates a far better experience for site visitors. We can use jQuery with an understanding of HTML and CSS to modify and interact with a shopping system.

So this book is about creating attractive web layouts and interactive web pages as simply as possible.

It would be helpful if you have a basic understanding of coding. This can be knowledge of any language so it should be quite straightforward to pick up the principles of JavaScript if you have not done any JavaScript before.

We don’t go into the basics of programming such as describing what a “for loop” is or what an “if else statement” is although we do describe principles where necessary.

All examples are provided as downloads so you should be able to follow the code without too many issues.

You should also have a reasonable understanding of HTML and CSS but you can get by with only a rudimentary knowledge of these. For example, you need to know the difference between >p< and >br/< and you need to know how to create a CSS file with some styles.

  • Chapter 01 – Introduction
  • Chapter 02 – Responsive Web Design
  • Chapter 03 – Using jQuery to Manipulate the DOM
  • Chapter 04 – jQuery Animation and Other Effects
  • Chapter 05 – Cookies, Session and Local Storage
  • Chapter 06 – JSON Format
  • Chapter 07 – Fetching an external JSON file
  • Chapter 08 – Displaying the Web Page
  • Chapter 09 – Local Storage Shopping Cart
  • Chapter 10 – PayPal IPN in PHP
  • Chapter 11 – Shopping Cart with IPN
  • Chapter 12 – AJAX and Flickr API
  • Appendix – Using XAMPP


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Code downloads

The source code for the latest version of the book can be obtained in one zip file from the link below:

Download Source Code for jQuery Shopping Cart Book

The book references the code by chapter and name so you should be able to easily find any particular script that you are looking for.