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New version of PHP Subscription Manager

The PHP Subscription Manager PHP-SecureArea has been updated to give administration pages that are more responsive and easier to use. PHP-SecureArea enables you to set up a subscription manager in PHP and a demo version of the new administration pages

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How to sell serial license keys for digital goods using PHP-KeyCodes

If you sell digital products online such as software programs, games, phone PIN numbers and so on, then PHP-KeyCodes can be a useful application to install on your web site. It requires a web server running PHP and access to

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It’s a snip

Why do developer web sites say “it’s a snip to do …” and then follow it up with 10 pages of instructions?

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A guide to sell digital downloads online

Digital goods or electronic goods or digital products or e-goods are anything you can sell that is in a digital format. The types of products include ebooks, software, website templates, music, videos, licence codes and ringtones. The costs of adding

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New Version of PHPeseller

The latest version of PHP-eSeller now uses HTML 5 for audio previews instead of flash. This means that PHP-eSeller will work better on tablets and computers that do not support flash such as Apple iPads.,/phpeseller  

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Using an audio HTML 5 preview clip with small buttons

If you are using <audio> tag to allow viewers to hear audio clips but you want just a simple small button rather than the default button, then this describes a method using jquery. One issue with the <audio> display is

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Update to PHP-KeyCodes

PHP-KeyCodes admin area has been updated to improve its look at feel and give it a more modern appearance. There is little in the way of technical change and so there is no requirement to upgrade any versions.

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Update to PHP Tutorials: Programming with MySQL and PHP

The book PHP Tutorials: Programming with MySQL and PHP which you can buy as a paper back or as an ebook from Amazon has been updated with a few extra changes and modifications. The book is available from Amazon at

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How to stop the deduction by Amazon of 30% tax for non-US residence for book sales

If you write and sell eBooks on Kindle and CreateSpace, and you are not a residence of the US, any sells made in the US have 30% tax deducted at source. On top of that you will have to pay

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How long does it take for a new web site to appear in Google?

It is quite easy nowadays to get your web site indexed by Google by signing up to Google Webmasters and submitting an XML sitemap. Within a day or two Google will have indexed your pages, or at least some of

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