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WordPress Plugin for selling License Key Codes – PHP-KeyCodes

Hello and welcome fellow programmers. A WordPress version of PHP-KeyCodes has just been released which has most of the functionality of the standalone PHP/MySQL application PHP-KeyCodes. The plugin can be viewed and downloaded from the following link: The plugin

Sell software license keys and pin numbers with a WordPress Plugin

WordPress PHP-KeyCodes is a WordPress Plugin to sell software license keys, product keys, serial keys, mobile phone codes and any other pre-generated license codes. The plugin is available from here: WordPress PHP-KeyCodes It is similar to the stand alone application

How to sell serial license keys for digital goods using PHP-KeyCodes

If you sell digital products online such as software programs, games, phone PIN numbers and so on, then PHP-KeyCodes can be a useful application to install on your web site. It requires a web server running PHP and access to

PHP-KeyCodes now has free button facility

PHP-KeyCodes can automatically send out pin or license key codes after payment from PayPal. It now has a feature that allows you to send a code to a customer without them making a payment. The customer enters their email address

Setting up email for use with PHP applications

If your application requires emails to be sent out from your web server for such things as sending download information, login information and so on, then you will need to set up some email accounts on your hosting system. Log